Delivery, shipping, order processing


Delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

NO. It’s as simple as that! We’ve decided to remove all shipping charges. So, you only pay the displayed price for each product.

How long will delivery take?

Although we process your order within a maximum of 48 hours and proceed to ship it to our delivery partner, delays may occur due to the large number of orders or factors beyond our control such as the COVID19 pandemic.

In general, our standard delivery times will take around 20-28 days and 5-15 days for express delivery (on average, depending on your delivery location) after being dispatched from our warehouse.

All orders will typically be dispatched within 2 business days from our warehouse. All orders will be shipped in durable packaging to ensure your purchase is not damaged during transit.

What exactly happens after ordering?

After placing your order, we start processing it within 48h. We have strict policy to ship your package to one of our delivery partner within 48h.

Logistic companies take in charge your package and start the shipping process. Usually, products are delivered within 15 days. However, some delays may occur.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

You should have received an invoice in the order confirmation email that we sent you right after your payment was processed.

Payment and billing


When the order payment is taken of my bank account?

Depending on the payment gateway you’ve used when ordering, the order payment is made immediately. Sometimes, it could take up to 3 business days.

What should I do if I receive a damaged or wrong product?

First thing to do is to contact our support team immediately and send photos of the product as it was delivered. The support team takes then necessary actions to fix the issue.

Do you have a refund policy?

We have a 14-days return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.

Do you have more products?

Our approach is different from that of other online stores. We prefer to focus on a few products in order to provide high-quality products and reduce our production costs. This approach allows us to offer you a really interesting price.

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Ultimate Pro Outdoor Mattress

How hard is it to inflate?

Our Ultimate Pro Outdoor Mattress™ is designed to be fully inflated within 20 breaths however this does depend on a few factors. The majority of our customers can fully inflate within one minute easily.

Will my hips/back hit the ground?

We specifically designed the Ultimate Pro Outdoor Mattress™ with this in mind! Sleeping on any terrain is comfortable with this mattress.

What is the weight capacity?

The Ultimate Pro Outdoor Mattress™ is rated for up to 330lbs  (150 kg) although it will still work for over the limit but it is not recommended for ultimate comfort.

Can I use in my car?

The simple answer is "Yes, you can". We have several customers who happily use it whenever they need to sleep in a car or any other hard surface for that extra level of comfort.

Can I use in beaches and parks?

The Ultimate Pro Outdoor Mattress™ is designed to be used in any surface. You can use in beaches and parks.

Will my dogs nails pop it?

With our Pop Proof Technology your dog will be allowed onto your mattress and it will not pop/ damage the Ultimate Pro Outdoor Mattress™ at all.